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Procuct GPS i Measure D 2x


Duct-Mounted Ion Meter


Product Description

The GPS-iMEASURE-D ion detector is permanently mounted in the duct downstream of any GPS ionization device. It measures ion levels in real time and reports back to a BAS. It includes three sensitivity levels, 20,000/200,000/2,000,000 ions/cc, that can be set based on the application and in-duct location.


  • Monitor In-Duct Ionization Levels

  • 20,000 to 2 Million Ions/cc

  • Input Voltage 12 to 24 VAC or VDC

Data Sheet

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  • Input Voltage 20–40 VDC or VAC
  • Current 20mA
  • Power Consumption 2.4 watts
  • Output Impedance 1 Kohm
  • Unit Dimensions Housing: 3.25"L × 6.20"W × 1.60"H, Sensing Rod: 10.5"L × 2.0"Dia.
  • Output Voltage 0–10 VDC; scaled to selected ion sensing range
  • Ion Sensing Range 0–20K, 0–200K, 0–2M ions/cc (+ or -)
  • Polarity Field-selectable positive or negative
  • Humidity Range 0–95% RH non-condensing
  • Temperature Range 0° F to 148° F
  • Duct Airflow 1,000–100,000 CFM
  • Duct Velocity 300–1,100 FPM

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