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Johnston County Schools, located in North Carolina, has 46 schools that serve over 35,000 students.

Improving indoor air quality is a focus for the district as part of an ongoing effort to enhance the learning environment for students, teachers, and administrators.

“We needed to find an effective solution that would not place a burden on our existing maintenance team.

GPS Air’s NPBI technology
fit that bill and the results have been extremely impressive.

- Matt Hobgood, JCPS Executive Director of Facilities Services

The Case Study

One of the most obvious challenges to address was locker room odors. The district turned to GPS Air for help in addressing this problem. In 2023, GPS Air’s NPBI technology was deployed in locker rooms across the district as part of an IAQ improvement effort.

The Conclusion.

Matt Hobgood, Johnston County Public Schools Executive Director of Facility Services, evaluated multiple technologies available in the marketplace and recommended the district proceed with GPS Air because of their proven efficacy, available independent Third-Party testing, safety, ease of installation, and low life cycle cost.

The district plans to utilize GPS Air’s NPBI technology in their new and replacement HVAC systems on a go forward basis for overall IAQ in all spaces.