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Our customers discovered practical, cost-effective solutions to their indoor air problems.

The Ashforth Company
Colonial School District
We believe we can say that we have, as far as we know, the cleanest air possible in an office building that doesn't have HEPA.
Darrell Harvey
Executive Chair, The Ashforth Company
Darrell Harvey_Testimonials
The IDF-2 saved us the cost of a building lobby new carpet install,  addressing musty odors in the area.
Gene Trull
K-12 Executive Director of Maintenance, Cobb County School District
Cobb County School District
A team member mentioned that the air smelled fresher, felt fresher, . . .the odor had greatly reduced.
Dan Martin
Plant Engineering Manager, Novant Health
Dan Martin_Testimonials

[The IDF-2's] they're extremely quiet, . . . the noise level won't impact teachers, students.

We ordered just over a thousand units . . . it was the right move to make for our school district.

Ted Lambert
Supervisor of Facilities, Colonial School District
Ted Lambert_Testimonials
The results were just astounding on how well GPS was handling the air quality.
Marty Hamilton
Associate VP of Financial Administration, Southern Adventist University

Tackling difficult air quality issues

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Southern Adventist University

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Johnston County Public Schools

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Odor, Bacteria, Mold Mitigation

NE Children's Hospital

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Virus & Bacteria Mitigation

Novant Health

Coil Efficiency

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NE Children's Hospital
Viruses & Bacteria
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Viruses & Bacteria
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