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New Ways to Tackle
Old Problems.

Solve your Indoor Air Quality problems efficiently and affordably.

Are Dirty Coils Putting
Pressure on Your Budget?

Are bad odors threatening your reputation?

Are invisible pollutants compromising your indoor air?

GPS-iMod® Helps Your Coils Run at Peak Efficiency

Save energy and reduce labor by keeping your coils cleaner longer. Simple, affordable, and efficient; get more out of your system, and your budget, with iMod technology.
Novant Sees Enhanced System Efficiency with iMod

GPS Air and Novant Health partnered to conduct a test to improve the efficacy of a low performing air handler using the GPS-iMod. The study shows a significant decrease in static pressure across the coil enhancing both system efficiency and airflow and contributing to potential energy savings.

iMod Modular Coil Cleaning System

GPS-iMod helps you get more out of your system by keeping your coils cleaner longer, saving energy and reducing labor.