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How Ionization Works

Ions are nature's secret weapon to clean our air. They occur naturally outdoors, created by energy from rushing water, crashing waves and even sunlight, and are constantly working to clean the air.

Elevating Indoor Air Quality Through Ionization

Within the enclosed spaces of our modern habitats lies a complex ecosystem of airborne contaminants—dust, dander, smoke, odors and even certain viruses and bacteria. Leveraging NPBI® Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization GPS Air technology generates ions to neutralize these small particles.

Breathe Easy, It’s Safe

GPS Air uses NPBI® Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization, a soft ionization method, to reduce airborne contaminants safely and effectively without adverse health implications. Our solutions are third-party tested and UL 2998 certified as ozone-free.

Get Into the Breathing Zone

The closer ions can be delivered to the breathing zone, where contaminants and particles pose the biggest risks, the better they work. With a variety of configurations, our NPBI® Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization is designed to provide the right fit for your space.



Auto-cleaning, no-maintenance, needlepoint bipolar ionization system designed to fit where traditional air ionizers don‘t.



Duct mounted soft ionization system with auto-cleaning feature that deliver ions where you need them.



Low-profile, quiet ceiling tile fan with needlepoint bipolar ionization technology directly integrated to maximize in space ions.


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