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Technology Proven
to Improve Your
Indoor Air Quality

Take a deep breath and enjoy cleaner air.

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Combat Certain Viruses, Bacteria, and Odor with NPBI® Soft Ionization

Keep your air cleaner with soft ionization using positive and negative ions for in-space microbe control, particle reduction, and odor mitigation. 



Low-profile, quiet operation ceiling tile fan with NPBI™ technology directly integrated to reduce certain viruses, bacteria, particles, and odors.



Duct mounted soft ionization system with auto-cleaning feature that deliver ions where you need them.



Auto-cleaning, no-maintenance, soft ionization system designed to fit where traditional air ionizers don‘t.

We believe we can say that we have, as far as we know, the cleanest air possible in an office building that doesn't have HEPA.
Darrell Harvey
Executive Chair, The Ashforth Company
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Data Driven Design

Our products undergo thorough third-party testing to ensure they're as effective as we claim, leading to the trust and confidence of our clients. We've invested in our own state-of-the-art testing facility to explore new ways to improve air quality, alongside in-field testing to see real-world results. 

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Keep Coils Cleaner and Systems More Efficient

Save energy and reduce labor by keeping your coils cleaner longer. Simple, affordable, and efficient; get more out of your system, and your budget, with GPS-iMod® technology.



Keep coils cleaner and limit outdoor odors from ruining your indoor air quality. 

We installed it, and it mitigated the [helicopter] exhaust.
Dan Martin
Plant Engineering Manager, Novant Health
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Novant Sees Enhanced System Efficiency with iMod

GPS Air and Novant Health partnered to conduct a test to improve the efficacy of a low performing air handler using the GPS-iMod. The study shows a significant decrease in static pressure across the coil enhancing both system efficiency and airflow and contributing to potential energy savings.

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Get More Out of Your Filters and Reduce Harmful Particles

Protect your indoor air from outdoor pollutants and very fine particles. Opti-Lok boosts your air filter's performance, capturing even the finest sub-micron particles, for ultimate efficiency.

Pair with GPS Opti-Lok Filters to achieve optimal very fine particle reduction with the removal performance of our proprietary MERV 11 filter being equivalent to a standard MERV 13 filter.

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Self-cleaning filter enhancement system. Designed for mounting inside ducts and air handling units upstream of system filtration.

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Low profile design allows for mounting on typical outdoor air and return ducts.

Protect Your Indoor Air From Wildfire Smoke

Wildfires are a pressing concern for both the environment and public health. As outdoor air pollution directly impacts indoor air quality, make sure your air filters are equipped to capture ultra-fine particulates with Opt-Lok filter enhancement solutions.


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