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Videos - How It Works

Interested in learning about ions and how soft ionization works? Curious how Opti-Lok improves the efficiency of filters to help lower even the smallest particles? Check out our video library below.

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Combat Viruses, Bacteria,
and Odor with NPBI™

Keep your air clean with needlepoint bipolar ionization devices for microbe control and odor mitigation.

Smoke Tube Demonstration
GPS Power of Ions Education
GPS Air Power of Ions
GPS Air Commitment to Innovation
GPS Air The Power of Ionization
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Learn How to Get More Out of
Your Filters with Opti-Lok™

Opti-Lok devices are designed to be paired with air filters to improve particle removal, and allow you to get the most out of your filters.

Opti-Lok Wildfire Smoke Testing
Opti-Lok Technology Video