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Frequently Asked Questions

Quickly find answers to our most common questions.

Product Selection & Pricing

How do I select the right product?
A representative will conduct a site survey and customer interview to help determine the right product to fit your needs in terms of coil cleaning, or reduction of particles including certain viruses and bacteria.


What is the warranty on GPS products?
Equipment manufactured by GPS Air is warranted by GPS to be free from defects in workmanship or materials for a period of one year from the date of shipment to the original customer.
Are extended warranties available?
Yes. The standard 1-year limited warranty may be extended to 3 years for no additional cost, on eligible products by completing the product registration. Extended warranties for other durations and models are available for purchase.
What products are eligible?
The following products are eligible:: DM-2, DM-S, CI-2, PS-2, GPS-DM48-AC, GPS-FC-3-BAS, GPS-FC-3T-BAS, GPS-FC24-AC, GPS-FC48-AC, GPS-iRib-18, GPS-iRib-36, GPS-iMod. Accessories and other add-ons not included.
How long after purchase can products be registered?
Products can be registered anytime between confirmation of orders and a year plus thirty days from the date products were shipped to GPS' original customer.
How do I register my products?
What is the purchase identifier I should use to register my products?

The purchase order number is preferred. If you are unable to obtain the PO#, please provide other proof-of-purchase documentation that is unique to your order.

How do I provide documentation?

The online product registration form has file upload capability. You may submit multiple files. The cumulative file size limit is 5 MB.

What happens after I register my products?

A confirmation email will be automatically sent to the address provided, with a warranty confirmation code. Please maintain this for your records. GPS does not send notifications regarding form validity or warranty expiry dates.

What if I accidentally entered the wrong information on the form?

You may complete the registration form as many times as needed. If you enter an incorrect email address, you will not receive a confirmation email.

What should I do if I lost my warranty confirmation code?

If you are still within the registration period, you may register your products again. Beyond this timeframe, please reach out to . We will need the purchase order number or other unique identifier to locate your record.

How can I file a warranty claim?

Contact with claim details and your warranty confirmation code.


Is your product UL certified?
Our NPBI technology complies with UL 867 or UL 2998 to ensure no harmful levels of ozone are produced.
What happens if you touch the brushes?
Touching the emitter brushes will produce a mild to moderate electric shock. It is not recommended.


How long do the ions last in the air?
Typically, small ions have a life expectancy of up to 60 seconds before they touch a surface or particle to discharge.
How do I know the product is working?
Check the indicator lights on the DM48, FC48, iRIB and iMOD Power Supply (not module), call the installer or purchase one of our sensors.
Does the technology generate line noise or EMF?
GPS technology does not generate line noise and does not generate electromagnetic forces. GPS technology is the only ionization technology approved by the FAA for installation on aircraft, since it’s passed the stringent DO-160 certification. This certification proves there is no line noise and no EMF (which can be detrimental to aircraft avionics, if produced).
Will one product properly sized and installed enable me to address both coil cleanliness and assigned space ionization requirements?
Possibly. Ionization does not have a one-size-fits-all solution. Distance from the equipment to space and duct design play major roles in this equation. Contact GPS for more information on your application.
Can you measure how the product is performing?
GPS offers iMEASURE™ and iDETECT™ sensors to measure product performance.
Does NPBI mitigate the need for carbon filters or HEPA filters?
GPS recommends using filters in conjunction with NPBI.
Do air filters need to be changed more frequently when used with NPBI?
Filter change intervals may be increased in some applications based on run time and how the space is utilized. Most applications can maintain their existing filter change schedule.
Does ionization degrade filters, insulation or wire coatings?
Does ionization have an odor to it?
No, ionization is odorless. Some customers have experienced a change in the way the ionized space smells due to the removal of odors they had grown accustomed to.


What are the auto-cleaning settings?
The factory setting is to clean at least once per day. Some systems can be adjusted to have a longer duration between cleaning cycles as detailed in their Installation, Operation and Maintenance manuals.
Will humidity affect the NPBI ion output?
Humidity does not impact the ionization output; however, if water condenses on the needle tips, ions cannot emit and the ion output will be greatly reduced or cease.
How long does it take to install?
Typical installations can be completed in 30 to 60 minutes per system.
Does GPS install the product?
No. Please contact a trained professional in your local area for installation.
Do I have to clean the product unit?
Models FC48-AC, FC24-AC and DM48-AC feature an auto-cleaning, maintenance-free system for easy use and ultimate convenience. These models include a programmable auto-cleaning cycle that cleans the carbon fiber brush emitters on your desired schedule. Under most circumstances, the factory auto-clean setting for every three days is sufficient.
Are replacement parts available?
Yes, GPS offers replacement parts.
Are any aftermarket consumables required?
GPS recommends NPBI be used in combination with air filters.
Does product performance deteriorate over time?
Auto-cleaning technology from GPS ensures sustained ion output over time. Ion output can decrease without this feature, in addition to accumulation of humidity and other material buildup. Competitor products and brushes must be manually cleaned, and while a simple process, this rarely occurs. GPS technology’s auto-cleaning feature performs regular wipes of emitter brushes, which prevents buildup. The resulting benefit is optimal lifetime performance.
Does the product keep my HVAC ducts clean, eliminating the need for annual or periodic cleaning?
Customers who have installed GPS technology have greatly reduced or eliminated the need for duct cleaning.
What special tools are required for troubleshooting?
A high-voltage probe attached to a digital multimeter and a handheld ion counter are needed.


Can I install it myself?
GPS recommends installation by a trained professional.
What is the electrical consumption of the product?
The electrical consumption is up to 15 watts or less per unit.
How long does it take to install?
Typical installations can be completed in 30 to 60 minutes per system.
Does GPS install the product?
No. Please contact a trained professional in your local area for installation.
Where do I install the product?
Our products were designed for flexibility with mounting, offering multiple mounting options including at the fan inlet, interior duct wall or interior duct floor. The best mounting location is after a prefilter and before the cooling coil. If this location is not possible, the device may be mounted after the cooling coil. As a last resort, the device can be mounted before a filter, but the filter will stop the ions and there will be no further benefit downstream of the filter.
Is the product easy to install?
We designed our products to be easy to install across many environments and conditions. Our products offer multiple mounting options including at the fan inlet, interior duct walls or interior duct floor. The all-composite and carbon fiber construction allows the product to be mounted in corrosive environments.
Are any special tools required for commissioning?
For a typical installation, no special tools are required.
Can it be connected to a BAS system?
Yes. Our products can be used with a building automation system (BAS).