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New Ways to Tackle
Old Problems.

Solve your Indoor Air Quality problems efficiently and affordably.

Worried About What's Spreading
in Your Indoor Air?

Provide a Cleaner Environment for Everyone

Reduce certain airborne viruses and bacteria and help stop the spread of germs in shared spaces.

Third Party Testing on Airborne Viruses

Third Party testing results show a reduction of SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A.

University Reduces Mold, Improving IAQ

University sees "astounding" results and expands program throughout campus.

Colonial School District Fights Airborne Viruses

District deploys in-room soft ionization to reduce airborne viruses in classrooms.

Are bad odors threatening your reputation?

Are invisible pollutants compromising your indoor air?

IDF-2™ Ceiling Mounted Ionization Fan

The IDF-2 is a low-profile, quiet operation ceiling tile fan with NPBI™ soft ionization technology to provide cleaner air where you need it the most. Reduces certain airborne viruses by up to 96.7%.

DM-2® Duct Mounted NPBI® System

Duct mounted soft ionization with auto-cleaning feature to deliver ions where you need them.

CI-2® Easy Fit NPBI® System

Auto-cleaning, no-maintenance, NPBI™ system designed to fit where traditional air ionizers don‘t.