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Solving your indoor air quality
problems is now easier than ever

Built to tackle the toughest indoor air quality issues

From viruses and particulates to odors and dirty coils; address indoor air quality issues with ease.
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Viruses & Bacteria

Get cleaner air where you need it most by reducing certain airborne viruses and bacteria

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Dirty Coils

Save energy and reduce labor by keeping your coils cleaner longer.

Product By Problems_Odors


From helicopter fuel to soiled linens, solve odor issues quickly and quietly.

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Our technology helps reduce levels of even the smallest particles that linger in the air or slip past filters.

Improve air quality
and enhance system efficiency

Breathe easier with our proven technologies

Advanced patented solutions that deliver cleaner air where you need it most.


Tailored solutions apply soft ionization to tackle even the toughest IAQ challenges.


Coil Cleaning

Get more out of your HVAC system by keeping your coils cleaner longer. 



Designed to be paired with particle filters to improve performance efficiency.


Mix and match modules to create beautiful, on-brand pages with ease.

Numerous options for navigations, footers, hero sections, columns, tabs, cards, stats, carousels, and more.

Get the Most Out of Your Building's Air Quality

Tailored products to address IAQ throughout your building

Indoor air quality solutions that perform that are easy and affordable.



Our best in-space ionization to reduce viruses, bacteria, particles, and odors.


GPS iMod

Keep your coils clean and your systems efficient, saving energy and labor.

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PF-I and PF-E

Improves particle removal allowing you to get the most out of your filters.

Browse through our selection of tailored solutions expertly designed to improve indoor air quality efficiently and affordably.