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New Ways to Tackle
Old Problems.

Solve your Indoor Air Quality problems efficiently and affordably.

Simple Solutions That
Tackle Indoor Air Challenges

Address your Indoor Air Quality problems efficiently and affordably.

Worried About What’s Spreading in Your Indoor Air?

Provide a Cleaner Environment for Everyone

Reduce certain airborne viruses and bacteria and help stop the spread of germs in shared spaces.

Third Party Testing on Airborne Viruses

Third Party testing results show a reduction of SARS-CoV-2 and Influenza A.

University Reduces Mold, Improving IAQ

University sees "astounding" results and expands program throughout campus.

Colonial School District Fights Airborne Viruses

District deploys in-room soft ionization to reduce airborne viruses in classrooms.

Are Bad Odors Threatening Your Reputation?

Are bad odors threatening your reputation?

Address Odor Issues Quickly and Quietly

From helicopter fuel to soiled linens, GPS Air technology can help to remove unpleasant odors from your space.

Novant Health Stops Outdoor Odor Issue

Hospital prevents helicopter fume odors from infiltrating their indoor air.

School District Addresses Odors

Tackling locker room odors was a priority for Johnson County School District.

Hospital Tackles Tough Soiled Linen Room Odors

  "Walking in the rooms, the odor had greatly reduced." Take on even the toughest odors.

Are Pollutants Compromising Your Indoor Air?

Are invisible pollutants compromising your indoor air?

Create Cleaner, Healthier Spaces with GPS Air

Our technology reduces the level of even the smallest particles that linger in the air or slip past filters.
Protect Indoor Air Quality from Wildfire Smoke

Improve particle removal, like smoke, so you get the most from your filters.

Filter Enhancement Technology Testing

Real world testing of Opti-Lok™ filter enhancing technology at a hospital.

Improving Filters in Commercial Building

Testing shows up to 85% performance boost of Opi-Lok™ compatible filters.

Are Dirty Coils Putting Pressure on Your Budget?

Keep Your Coils Running at Peak Efficiency

GPS-iMod helps you get more out of your system by keeping your coils cleaner longer, saving energy and reducing labor.

GPS_Novant_Coil Efficiency Study_Front Image
Novant Sees Enhanced System Efficiency with iMod

GPS Air and Novant Health partnered to conduct a test to improve the efficacy of a low performing air handler using the GPS-iMod. The study shows a significant decrease in static pressure across the coil enhancing both system efficiency and airflow and contributing to potential energy savings.