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GPS Air iMod Coil Cleaning


Keep Coils Cleaner and Systems Efficient

Save energy and reduce labor by keeping your coils cleaner longer. Simple, affordable, and efficient; get more out of your system, and your budget, with GPS-iMod

Modular Coil Cleaning System

The patented GPS-iMOD is a modular NPBI® soft ionization system that is field assembled to provide coverage across coil widths in 6-inch increments.
iMOD en serpentin
Novant Health Stops Outdoor Odor Issue

Hospital prevents helicopter fume odors from infiltrating their indoor air.

OhioHealth Eliminates Odor Complaints

Hospital implements GPS Air solution and eliminates odor complains in urban facility.

GPS_Novant_Coil Efficiency Study_Front Image
Hospital Sees Enhanced System Efficiency with iMod

Study shows decrease in static pressure across the coil enhancing both system efficiency and airflow.

Specifications & Resources


Ionizer Total Ion Output: >140M ions/cc per inch of bar.


Power Unit Dimensions: 9.00"L × 3.25"W × 4.75"H

Power Unit Weight: 4.63 lbs

Ionizer Bar Dimensions: 1.6"H x 0.75"W, Length = 6.0" per 6" section + 1.2" (144" Max)

Ionizer Bar Weight: 0.24 lbs per 6" section

Electrical Specifications

Input Voltage: 24/120/208–240 VAC

Output Voltage: 5 kV RMS

Amps: 0.500A/0.120A/0.065A

Power Consumption: 12W (standard operation), 15W (cleaning cycle)

Frequency: 50/60HZ

Electric Approvals: UL, cUL

Power Entry: UL Listed, Line Cord with 3-Prong Plug


Compliance & Certifications

Compliance & Certifications: UL 2998, UL 867, IAQP, OSHPD Seismic (OSP), CE, CARB

Environmental Specifications

Temperature Range: –20° F to 140° F

Humidity Range: 0–100% RH