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The IDF-CM is a mounting solution to enable the IDF-2 to be mounted on hard ceilings.

Suitable for use with substrates able to support the combined weight of the ceiling mount and IDF-2 such as concrete, stone, wood or metal.

23.9"W × 23.9"H × 5.6"L
4.9 lbs



The LS-277V is a 277V power transformation solution for the IDF-2.

Up to four (4) fans, 75 watt capacity.

Input voltage of 277 VAC
Output voltage of 120 VAC
Frequency 60 Hz
UL and cUL approved
3.2"L × 2.6"T × 2.2"W



The PS-2 is a single power transformation solution for compatible GPS ionizer products.

Made in the USA with U.S. and global parts.

Input voltage of 110-277 VAC
Output voltage of 24 DC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
UL and cUL approved
UL 1310 (Class 2 Power Unit)

7.4"L × 1.6"T × 2.4"W
.45 lbs



The DM-S™ is a single adaptable saddle solution for installing the GPS® DM-2™ onto varying round duct diameters of 6" and up.

The DM-S saddle installation accessory is sold separately from NPBI™ systems.

8.5"W × 6.5"H × 2.0"L
0.5 lbs



The GPS-iMEASURE-D ion detector is permanently mounted in the duct downstream of any GPS ionization device.

It measures ion levels in real time and reports back to a BAS. It includes three sensitivity levels, 20,000/200,000/2,000,000 ions/cc, that can be set based on the application and in-duct location.



The GPS iMEASURE is the first commercially available ion detector that can be permanently mounted in the space to measure ion levels in real time and report back to a BMS.

Auto Calibration
Auto Zero
0–10 VDC Output for BAS Monitoring 24/7
Watchdog Timer
Bi-Color LED
0–1,000,000 Ions/cc Range




The GPS-iDETECT-P is a plenum-mounted ionization detector that can confirm the output from the GPS-iMOD® System.

The GPS-iDETECT-P provides the ability to monitor ionization status in a plenum to confirm that the ionization equipment installed is working properly. The sensor is designed for duct mounting.



The GPS-NEMA4-OE is a NEMA 4x-rated fiberglass enclosure designed to house one GPS-iMOD™ power supply.

The panel adds a superior finished look to any project while providing the required protection against foreign substances, such as water and dust, when power supplies are mounted in non-NEMA 1 rated environment.


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