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New Product Launch


Opti-Lok Product Family


Charlotte, North Carolina - Apr 18, 2024 - GPS Air, a leader in innovative solutions for air quality, announces the launch of its latest breakthrough: a family of HVAC air filters engineered for long life and superior small-particle removal when deployed with GPS Air’s Opti-LokTM devices, delivering elevated performance that lasts for up to a year.
GPS Air Opti-Lok compatible filters stand apart from general purpose HVAC filters. These new filters overcome the well-known limitations in longevity and small particle capture that plague most other filters. GPS Air filters maintain peak performance consistently for up to a year when combined with the PF-e or PF-i, setting a new standard for durability and efficacy. Through the use of simple electrostatic principles, Opti-Lok filters have superior small particle capture rate, exceeding typically rated filters by 40 - 60%.
Unlike traditional electrostatic filters that gradually lose their efficiency as charge dissipates, lowering their point-in-time MERV rating, when combined with Opti-Lok ionization products, GPS Air's advanced filters ensure continuous high-performance filtration for extended periods. 
Key features of GPS Air's Opti-Lok air filters include:
•    Extended performance lifespan of up to a year, surpassing lesser electrostatic filters
•    Seamless integration with PF-e and PF-i, enhancing overall HVAC system efficiency
•    Superior very fine particle* capture capabilities, equivalent to up to two MERV levels above their rating 
Whether for residential or commercial applications, GPS Air's Opti-Lok air filters offer a game-changing solution for those seeking long-lasting, uncompromising air quality improvement. From allergen reduction to odor elimination, these filters are poised to transform indoor environments.
For technical specifications of the Opti-Lok filters and more information on GPS’ NPBI® technology, please visit

Rachel Lego, Director of Marketing

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Founded in 2008, GPS Air is a leader in indoor air quality, with over 30 patents and 250,000 installations worldwide since its founding, including in offices, research labs, schools, universities, health care facilities and airports. GPS Air devices work in conjunction with HVAC systems as part of a multi-layered solution to help improve indoor air quality using a unique and patented low energy, soft ionization technology application called Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization (NPBI™). GPS Air branded products are certified to UL 2998, UL’s stringent zero ozone standard. This independent certification is also compliant with the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) guidance and follows recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and Department of Education guidance. GPS Air is ISO 9001:15 certified. Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, more information about GPS Air can be found at