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Get More Out
of Your Air

Keep your building healthy with GPS Air Indoor Air Quality Solutions.

Get More Out
of Your Air.

Keep your building healthy with GPS Air.

Air Quality Solutions

Viruses & Bacteria

Reduce certain viruses and bacteria in indoor air, providing a cleaner environment for everyone.


Odors causing a stink in your building? Solve odor issues quickly and quietly.

Particles in the Air

A fresh solution to indoor air quality issues. Create cleaner, healthier buildings with GPS Air.

Coil Energy Efficiency

Don't let dirty coils drain your energy. Keep coils cleaner and more efficient with GPS Air.

Listen to the voices of experience, our customers say it all


Our Customers Say it All

Click below to hear about the positive impacts of our technology in healthcare and K-12.

Southern Adventist University

Mold Mitigation

Johnston County Public Schools

Odor Mitigation

Novant Health

Coil Efficiency

Discover the Power of Efficiency

Increase Your Clean Air, Not Your Budget.

Explore Our Products

By Problem

From viruses to particulates, odors to dirty coils, tackling your indoor air problems is now easier than ever.

By Technology

Our patented technologies reduce particles in the air and enhance systems efficiency. 

By Product

Navigate our collection of tailored solutions engineered to efficiently and effectively improve indoor air quality.

OptiLok Logo-1

Get More Out of Your Filters, with Opti-Lok™

Your filters are underperforming. Opti-Lok devices are designed to be paired with air filters to improve particle removal, and allow you to get the most out of your filters.

NPBI Logo-1

Combat Viruses, Bacteria, and Odor with NPBI™

In-space positive and negative soft ionization devices for microbe control, particle reductions and odor mitigation.

iMod Logo

Keep Your Coils Clean and Your System Efficient with iMod™

Microbe build up in your coils can force your system to run harder, consuming more energy. Our iMod devices help get more out of your system by keeping your coils cleaner longer.

Knowledge Rooted in Science

Solutions driven by data.

Browse Our Library of Resources

Third-Party Testing

Explore third-party, independent testing on soft ionization and improved indoor air quality.

Product Information

Find the answer you're looking for with easy-to-use videos, installation guides, and manuals.

Product Registration

Upgrade your GPS Solution limited warranty to 3 years for free by simply registering now.

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